Ansley BravermanI have been taking photos since my Dad gave me a camera at the age of ten.  Later I fell in love with the theater – the characters, the stories, the laughter and the tears.  I followed that love all the way through university and graduated with my BFA in Dramatic Art. However, I realized that although I loved the theater, it wasn’t the lifestyle for me. While wondering what was to become of me, I met someone, fell in love and got married. My husband is a writer and together we travelled the world. All this time, I still carried my camera. My husband noticed my photos and asked if he could use them in his articles. Of course I agreed and decided to start taking photography more seriously. When we moved back to California, I knew what I wanted to do – I wanted to spend my life telling stories with photos.

If you have a story to tell, contact me.

Today I live with my husband and Sammy our green-wing macaw, in the Sierra Nevada foothills.